For Your Business Needs

Falcon Corporate Center has been remodeled and updated over the past 3 years to include:  Community Wifi, Fiber Internet Connection with a Terabyte of bandwidth, Conference and Training Facilities, 1st floor Cafe and Garden Area, Enhanced Security Systems, Storage and Shipping and Receiving Facilities.

For Your Personal and Social Needs

Falcon Corporate Center has added: a private dining and wine club facilities (roof top) with beautiful views of the valley’s mountains and airport.  Available for private parties, client functions, events or simply to kick back after a long work day and enjoy your favorite beverage, appetizers and enjoy the sunset. Check our TEC for more details.  And before you take advantage of the sunsets and private club environment, tenants have VIP access to the building’s Health and Wellness Center with everything from a personal gym, massage therapy chairs, personalized healthy smoothies and much more. Check our  Personal Formula for more details.